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Bingo is the ultimate game of chance and it remains one of the most popular casino games out there both in land based casinos and more increasingly, online. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’re new to the game, there are some great bingo bonuses online out there that can help you keep playing for longer, and increase your chances of winning big!

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Rules of Bingo

One of the most appealing things about bingo is that it’s easy to play and the rules are quick to learn. If you’re new to online bingo, it’s basically the same as the land based game.

Main principle – While there are a few different variations of bingo, the main principle is the same. You need to match the numbers on your card to those randomly selected by a machine or a caller (in a land-based game). The first person to fill up their card and call out ‘bingo!’ is the winner.

Balls and patterns – Games vary somewhat between the number of balls used (75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball) and the different patterns that can create a win. For some game variations, you can win by getting a row or an X shape or by covering the entire board.

How to play

Join a game – Bingo is very easy to play online and the great part about playing online is that you still get all the social benefits through chatting with other players via instant messaging or a chat box that will pop up while the game is in progress. You can play your favorite games day or night at any time, from your living room.

Buy a card – Once you’ve found an online casino that offers bingo, you’ll need to buy your cards or tickets. You can purchase a single card or multiple cards depending on how much you want to spend and how serious you are about winning. These appear in a pop-up window and you can mark off the numbers the computer calls using a click of your mouse. If you get a winning card, click on the Bingo button – the first person to do this will be the winner.

Online winners have their money deposited directly into their casino account.

Odds: Bingo is a random game of chance and each card has an equal chance of winning. Because you are playing against other people, the odds will vary depending on how many players there are in a game. The more players, the lower the odds that you will be a winner. The odds also improve the more cards you have.

Strategy: Because Bingo is a game of chance, there is not a lot you can do to improve your odds of winning at a single game. You can however increase your odds of winning overall by choosing games with fewer players, or by purchasing the maximum number of cards allowable. The more cards you have, the higher your chance of winning.

Playing tips

If you’re keen to make the most out of your online bingo, these five tips will help!

  • Vet your sites carefully. Be wary of playing at a site that’s not trustworthy. Unfortunately, there are some false sites out there and if you deposit your money at them you may never see it again. Always play at a reputable, regulated and trusted online casino. The best bingo sites will be the ones that offer the best bingo bonuses – take advantage of these wherever you can.


  • Buy the maximum number of tickets. If you want the best chance of winning, then you’ll want the most tickets. Be aware though that this is only an effective strategy if you are able to keep track of all your cards, or if you’re playing a game where winners are called automatically. If you have more cards than you can keep track of this might lead to you missing a win, or not calling it in time to beat the other players.


  • Look for a game with a guaranteed jackpot. With a guaranteed jackpot it’s easy to work out how many tickets you should buy to get the best chance of winning while not overspending. If you spend more on your tickets than you are going to win, you’re only going to waste your money. A guaranteed jackpot lets you see upfront what the potential prize is.


  • Stick to your limits. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re playing bingo, but it’s important that you manage your bankroll and stick to your predetermined limits. Remember, bingo is largely a random game so there’s no point trying to chase losses. If it’s not your day, you may be better off calling it quits and trying again tomorrow.


  • Look for games with fewer participants. Fewer players in a game often mean more chances that you will win. If you are serious about getting the most out of your online bingo, stay away from the busiest times and try playing in the early mornings or afternoons when there are likely to be fewer players online.

Mobile options

There’s great news for anyone who loves bingo and doesn’t want to stop just because they are going to be away from their computer. You can play bingo on your mobile device, whether it’s your phone or your tablet.

Mobile bingo rooms are becoming more and more popular as mobile gaming really takes off. Even better, they offer some fantastic bonuses including no deposit bonuses, and free play bingo bonuses online so mobile players can get even more enjoyment and excitement from their experience.

Online Bingo

Online bingo is a great option for anyone who enjoys playing and wants the convenience of around the clock play without having to leave the house. There are a number of different variations of online bingo out there so you’ll never be bored and there are plenty of great online bingo bonuses available exclusively for online players.

You don’t have to compromise on socialising when you play online bingo. There are plenty of opportunities to chat to other players in the only chat feature, or if you’d prefer to just focus on your playing that’s fine too.


Online bingo is a must try for anyone who enjoys playing traditional bingo. This fun, simple game is great for players of all levels and if you’re lucky enough to win it can be very lucrative. Keep an eye out for all the latest and greatest bonuses out there and hopefully it won’t be long before you hit the jackpot.

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